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Current Django Books

This page is a complete list of Django web framework published books that are current, deprecated, and outdated. This is a listing of all Django books, not just selected ones that we recommend. By books, we mean complete, published reference works available in print with an ISBN. Links generally lead to Amazon, but are "internationalized", meaning US readers go to, UK readers go to, and so forth. If there are any books not on this list, please let us know.

Out of these  published references, only % are for supported versions of Django. Which versions of Django that are supported is specified on the official Django downloads page.

Current (Django 2.2, 2.1, 1.11) - books

Outdated (Django 2.0 and 1.10 or lower) - books

Listed here for historical reference only. Books in this section are for Django versions no longer receiving security updates. Therefore, we strongly and emphatically recommend not purchasing or using books in this section.

Outdated Books With Updated Versions

Listed here for historical reference only. Books in this section have newer editions and are not included in the total list of books. 

We strongly and emphatically recommend purchasing the updated versions.